5 ways to get to your accommodation from the airport

You’ve booked your accommodation and flights, you’re all ready to go, but there’s still the final leg of the journey to figure out. How do you get from the airport on the other side to the eventual destination? This can seem like a pain, but there are a few methods that can make the last potential hurdle seem like the smallest little speedbump as opposed to a mountain to climb.

  1.    The hotel or resorts transfer service.

This is the most obvious and easiest one if your hotel or resort offer this. Holiday resorts will normally offer a shuttle service to and from a major airport in the area. Sometimes these can be booked via a travel agent, and you should always enquire about the transfers when you book the hotel itself, as free transfers can be a deal maker or breaker when it comes choosing the right place. However, some hotels won’t offer these services if they’re not particularly close to an airport or are not a popular tourist destination. If these services are offered and included in the price of booking, this is probably the best option to go.

  1.    Trains/Underground/Metro

When traveling to a foreign country, using public transport can be daunting, especially when just coming from a potentially lengthy and cramped plane journey. When traveling to large cities though, their airports have this factor in mind.  Airports that serve large cities, often house a train station inside the airport itself or very close by. An example is Amsterdam Schipol, one of the easiest airport to city transfers. Underneath the airport is a train station that can take you direct into the city, or anywhere around the country with relative ease. Looking at the UK, 10 airports are connected to the rail system either by country wide national rail or local metro systems.  However, bear in mind your luggage load, carrying many heavy bags on and off trains can be a huge pain, but if you’re traveling light, this is a good option.

  1.    Busses

Having an airport connected to a trainline is convenient but a lot less common than public bus connections. Public busses in new places can be more daunting than trains, so remember to research heavily and plan your route before you even leave your home. Memorise the bus and terminal numbers to make it a smoother and (relatively) stress free journey. If you have any questions however, always ask an information point.

  1.    Taxi

Almost airports have a dedicated taxi rank or area for the use of their passengers. Taxis’ in some places can be a bargain, but a small number of drivers might take advantage of the fact you’re not a local. You sometimes might just have to accept this and take the slightly higher price, but some countries battle this by having a dedicated price list per kilometre for taxis, such as India. Taxi drivers don’t have to stick to this recommended pricing by law, but it’s a good baseline to know whether you’re getting a good deal or not. In these taxi areas, you will probably find some sort of booking or information desk that will give you a predetermined price and book or reserve a taxi for you. If your city allows it, Uber is also a good option, but as always be wary and stay cautious of your surroundings and what’s going on. Not to be paranoid, but certainly be aware.

  1.    Car Hire

Hiring a car straight out of the airport can be the most convenient option with the freedom, not just to the hotel but anywhere throughout the stay. But before you do, ask yourself a few questions, if it’s your first time here, do you want to be driving in a brand-new place, in a brand-new car, after a potential sleep depriving journey? And even if you’re in the case of coming from or to the UK, do you want to experience the opposite side of the road for the first time? If you’re up for the potential challenge, be sure to study the route very carefully with directions before you go. Some car hire companies can offer satnavs for a price if you want, but with most phones now having build in navigation. Pair that with the Google Maps offline map feature, you could be good to go. There is a strange sense of comfort in seeing signs for places you recognise from studying Google Maps in preparation. Be sure to know the companies that offer car hire right out of the airport in question and book a car that is fitting of your needs. Whether you need size for a family of 4 plus luggage on top, a small city car like a fiat might not suffice.

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