How to save money on family holidays

The cost of holidays can be dear, especially when travelling with a family.To help you prevent costs from mounting up, I’ve put a guide that will help you make massive savings next time you book a holiday- more money for treats!

Skip Airport Transfers

When visiting a new country, it seems like the safest option to use the airport transfers to and from the hotel. I’ve seen some cost as much as £50 a person! Try and look for hotels that have free airport transfers, or research alternatives in public transport. Alternatively, see if there is an Uber equivalent or whether a local taxi would be cheaper per head?

Booking in advance

Did you know flights are cheapest 2 months before you intend to fly? Experts suggest that this is the best time to book to find the best deals.

Admittedly, you may be able to get a good deal last minute, but with families, there’s no guarantees there will be enough seats left.

If you know far in advance when you’re travelling, or if your destination is flexible, you could make use of Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals from airlines.

Get a package deal

An all inclusive package is perfect for a family with a lot of mouths to feed or hungry teenagers! These packages normally include food, drinks (very helpful for hotter destinations) and sometimes even alcohol at your resort.

With knowing immediately what you’ll be spending on normally unpredictable costs, it allows you to budget for others things you may like to do: trips, travel to other places, souvenirs and tours.

Something to note, is that reading reviews, on trips such as TripAdvisor can be a life saver! You don’t want to end up at a resort that has hidden costs, low quality food or a history of food poisoning.

Discount codes and vouchers

This is the easiest, quickest and most guaranteed way of saving money. All you need is a quick Google search and chances are you’ll find a coupon code to add at the resort or airline’s checkout. These can also be found for ferry and cruises.

Get your foreign currency before the airport

The airport wants to make money from people changing their currency last minute. It’s a much better idea to search for the best deals before you travel, such as The Post Office. Plenty of schemes also exist to help you save money, including Sainsbury’s Bank offering Nectar points of currency.

Reconsider hiring a car

In a foreign country, taking public transport can seem daunting but sometimes we can be too eager to hire a car when it’s really not necessary. Some resorts may offer free shuttle buses to and from local attractions and a lot of places may be a simple walk away- something I love as it means you can get a general gist of the culture too

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